This week: November 1st, 2018

Today is All Saints’ Day
All Saints’ Day commemorates all the saints, known and unknown, on November 1st. It is one of the seven principal feasts of the church year and the Sunday celebration is typically on the Sunday following November 1st.
While many saints have a particular feast day, those whose sainthood is known only to God have no particular feast day—and so on All Saints’ Day we remember all the saints of the church. In addition, in the New Testament all the followers of Jesus are called “saints” and so this day remembers all those who have died in the faith of Christ.
All Saints’ Day is an ancient feast. It arose out of the Christian tradition of celebrating the martyrdom of saints on the anniversary of their martyrdom. When martyrdoms increased during the persecutions of the late Roman Empire, local dioceses instituted a common feast day in order to ensure that all martyrs were properly honored.
In English, the traditional name for All Saints’ Day was All Hallows Day, since in Old English a hallow was a saint or holy person. The vigil or eve of the feast, October 31st, is still commonly known as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween.
If you have loved ones who have entered the larger life that you would like included in our remembrances on Sunday, please reply with their names no later than Friday morning, November 2nd.
Jesus wept…
It’s known as the shortest verse in the Bible… John 11:35.* Jesus wept at the tomb of his friend Lazarus before he restored Lazarus to life. We will hear the end of this story on Sunday as we celebrate the lives of all the saints.
You can read this story and all the lessons for this Sunday HERE.
* It is translated “Jesus wept”
in the King James Version.
In the NRSVersion it is
“Jesus began to weep.”
The hymn “When Jesus Wept” by William Billings is a prime example of early American hymnody. Click the button below to hear lovely a capella performance by Amerlingchor at the Basilica of Saints Nereus and Achilleus in Milan, Italy.
Daylight savings time ends on Sunday morning at 2am. So you get to snooze that hour all over again. Your smart phones will automatically adjust (I think!) but your other clocks may need to be reset the old fashioned way. In any case, you have an extra hour to get to church on Sunday morning. See you then!
Mykie’s Coffee Truck will be here this Sunday, November 4th. The students from Mychal’s Learning Place will take our orders, make and serve barista style coffees, and offer homemade pastries for our gustatory pleasure! We partner with Mychal’s Learning Place to help in the garden with the students. This day’s event will highlight the students and show how much they are able to do.Come by and come buy!
We haven’t taken a group picture of our congregation for awhile and we need YOU to be in it!
We’ll be taking a picture after the
We hope you will be here to brighten the group! Tell your friends!
As you rise or walk or wait this week, I hope you also pray. Prayer is powerful! You prayers are invited for those in our community who have requested prayers.
Pray for healing for Ted, Tom, Sebastian and Patsy; Ryley, Josh and Eric; Paula, Pam and Family; Belinda; Sylvia; Razza, Madelyn, Vicki & Tony; Dave, Carol and Lou; Drake, Carson, Sebastian, Robert.
Pray for those who are traveling, especially the McCaverty families; and people around the world seeking safer places to live.
Pray for others who need our prayers, especially James; Joe and Cindy; Steve and Tanya; Sam, Tina and Chris; Joe, Tiffani and Barbara; The Samia family; The Mowad family; The men and women serving in our armed forces, esp. those stationed overseas.
Give thanks for StMichael’s Children’s Center; first responders to emergency situations; the opportunities we have to serve, especially through Mychal’s Learning Place, Family Promise and C.A.S.E.
Pray for those who have died, especially Melba; those killed at Tree of Life Synagogue and other victims of gun violence in our country.
The Forward Day by Day daily meditations for the quarter beginning November 1 are available on the counter in Yeaton Hall. Be sure to pick up your copy when you come to church on Sunday.
The new book for StMichael‘s readers is here! When the Men Were Gone, based on the true story of Tylene Wilson, is a peek into the past… and maybe the not so much past. Pick up your copy on the counter in Yeaton Hall.
Our “Card of the Week Ministry” continues: Each week there is a card addressed to one of our housebound or far away members on the counter in Yeaton Hall. All it takes is someone (are you the one?) to pick it up, write a breezy note and drop it in the mail.
You can host a coffee hour after the 10am service—sign up on the Hospitality bulletin board in Yeaton Hall.
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