This week: July 13, 2018

Dear Friends~

The Episcopal Church General Convention continues through Friday of this week, July 13th, and your continued prayers are invited:

Almighty and everlasting God,
you have given the Holy Spirit to abide with us for ever:
Bless, we pray, with the Spirit’s grace and presence,
the bishops and other clergy and the laity assembled
at General Conventionin your Name,
that your Church, being preserved in true faith and godly discipline,
may fulfill all the mind of the One who loved it and died for it,
your Son Jesus Christ our Savior;
who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

The work of GenCon 2018 includes the work of reconciliation~we have welcomed The Episcopal Church in Cuba to reunite with The Episcopal Church. This comes after years of separation, as Cuba was expelled from TEC in 1966.

It includes the work of compromise~that will allow people of conscience on both sides of the marriage equality issue to remain within the Episcopal Church. It includes the work of witness~as bishops and deputies gathered in prayer last Sunday morning to stand against gun violence in our country. It includes work on liturgy~as bishops and deputies take very different views of revising the Book of Common Prayer (they are still in negotiations for how to proceed). It includes work on church laws, and budgets and loooong legislative sessions.

And, of course, where two or three Episcopalians are gathered together there has to be a little fun. Activities at this convention to break the tension and tedium include taking a selfie with “Flat Jesus” and then sending him on to another delegation. Of course, being Episcopalians, we also have to up the ante, so here is a picture of “Flat Jesus” with “Flat Presiding Bishop.”

You can find out about the major issues being considered at this Convention by CLICKING HERE.


In the gospel this Sunday we hear how an ill-considered oath leads to great evil~the death of John the Baptist.

Romare Bearden, Salome with the Head of John the Baptist, 1974

I invite you to join us and consider how this story fits into the good news of God in Christ. You can CLICK HERE to read all the lessons for this Sunday.


 An empty tomb. The story continues with the joy of resurrection. Alleluia! It’s worth your time to join us. Ask for a copy of the story and come to Bible study on Sunday, 2-3:30pm or Tuesday, 9-10:30am in Yeaton Hall.


 The Music Box has returned! This Sunday we have one of Crystal’s favorite hymns on for the gospel hymn, that is, the hymn we sing before the reading of the gospel. Of course, there is another common meaning of “gospel hymn” and it’s a lovely American tradition. CLICK HERE for some words and harmonies that will enrich your spirit today.


Our C.A.S.E. ingathering for July is this Sunday, July 15th. Requested items to fill up the pantry include cookies, condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, BBQ sauce), jelly, honey, canned meats, canned fruits, cereals (that kids like), diced tomatoes, Chef Boyardee cans, coffee (regular and decaf), juice (boxes, pouches and bottles) and snacks (granola bars, applesauce pouches).


 Sunday, July 29th, is our 5th Sunday child-friendly service. The liturgy is simpler and the sermon is geared to younger members and I get lots of help from them! I hope you’ll be with us and bring a family of friends with you!


You can still claim your spot in one of our summer opportunities: Join the conversation about our latest book, Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, this Sunday, July 15th, 12-1:30 in Yeaton Hall. Sign up in Yeaton Hall for Episcopal Dodger Night—last day to sign up is Sunday, July 29. Cost is $25 per ticket and payment is needed to send in with the ticket reservation. We will be picnic in the park and see The Merry Wives of Windsor on August 11. Sign up in Yeaton Hall to let us know you are coming.

Our “Card of the Week Ministry” continues: Each week there is a card addressed to one of our housebound members on the counter in Yeaton Hall. All it takes is someone (are you the one?) to pick it up, write a breezy note and drop it in the mail.

You can host a coffee hour after the 10am service—sign up on the Hospitality bulletin board in Yeaton Hall.


As you rise or walk or wait this week, I hope you also pray. Prayer is powerful! You prayers are invited for those in our community who have requested prayers:

Pray for healing for Ted, Tom, Sebastian and Patsy; Josh and Shayne; Belinda; Sylvia; Paula, Pam and Family; Joe; Lou and Jenetta; Madelyn, Razza, Crystal, Janice and Bob.

Pray for those who are traveling, especially Elizabeth and Oliver; Caitlin, Matt, Eleanor and Laurel; and people around the world seeking safer places to live.

Pray for others who need our prayers, especially Joe and Cindy; Steve and Tanya; Joe, Tiffani and Barbara; The Samia family; Melba & the Mowad family; Susan; The men and women serving in our armed forces, esp. those stationed overseas.

Give thanks for the world-wide effort that save the Thai boys soccer team; First responders to emergency situations; The opportunities we have to serve, esp. through Family Promise and C.A.S.E.; St. Michael’s Children’s Center.

Pray for those who have died, especially the victims of gun violence in our country.


In the heat of the day and the cool of the evening (we hope!), we are invited to know and welcome God’s presence,

Mother Dina+

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