This week: April 8th, 2018

Dear Friends~

I’ve been in Dallas this week. I was invited by the CEO of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship to attend the Pathways to Generosity Conference and to lead worship on Thursday morning. I got to tell the story of Peter and Cornelius from Acts 10—it was lots of fun!


This story is important to how the earliest Christians understood how to reach out and welcome others into the fellowship of Christ. It’s full of visions, and fiery preaching, and the appearance of the Holy Spirit so it’s a storytellers delight.

The conference was full of wonderful presenters and good information. It was itself a generous experience. I’m glad I went. And now, I’m glad to be home.


Christ shows himself to Thomas
mosaic by Rowan and Irene LeCompte at the Washington Cathedral

It’s Thomas Sunday. You remember him… Thomas the Confessor. Thomas the twin. Yes, and even Doubting Thomas. We hear this resurrection story every year on the Second Sunday of Easter, but it never gets old. Join us as we continue the Easter Season. Alleluia!

Click HERE to read all the lessons for the Second Sunday of Easter.


 Bible study is back! So this is a perfect time for you to think about joining us! The adventure continues with the story of Ruth. Ask for a copy of the story if you’d like to join in—Sunday afternoon from 2-3:30pm or Tuesday morning from 9-10:30  in Yeaton Hall.


Our April Taizé is this Tuesday, April 10th, at 7:30pm. Our monthly Taize-style service offers a time of quiet and contemplation, music and prayer in the candlelit beauty of our church. This month’s theme is Life in Christ. It’s a peaceful time to spend in the presence of God. I hope you can join us.


 There’s always time for the “sipping sacrament.” And we enjoy our time together. Perhaps you’d be able to host for us after the 10am service one week. Just bring a few goodies… cookies, crackers & cheese, fruit are always well-received (and eaten!). But we don’t want to inhibit your creativity. Whatever you bring is sure to be appreciated. Click here for some tasty ideas to bring and share! You can sign up on the southside bulletin board in Yeaton Hall.

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