This week: March 24, 2018

The bishop is coming! And that smile is just for you!


On Palm Sunday (this Sunday!), Bishop John Taylor will join us for the 10am service. We will gather on the lawn for the blessing of the palms and triumphal entry and make our way into the church for our Passion Sunday service. Bishop John will preach, celebrate and officially receive Eamonn Oley into the Episcopal Church in the rite of Confirmation/Reception. Everyone will then have the opportunity to meet with Bishop John for brunch and conversation after the service. I hope you will be with us to welcome our bishop!

 Don’t miss it!


  This image of the Triumphal Entry is from an 11th century manuscript. And it is in the Getty collection right here in Los Angeles. I think we need to get St. Michael’s on the Move up there after Easter! Let’s plan to go. In the meantime, our lessons for Sunday include both the Triumphal Entry and the Passion, both from the gospel of Mark. Click HERE to read all the lessons for this week.


  St. Michael’s on the Move is attending to the March for Our Lives on Saturday. If you’d like to join us, contact Eamonn Oley (  – for the Manhattan Beach march, or Melissa McCaverty ( to go to the Downtown L.A. march. If you go to either one, be sure to take a selfie and share it with us!


   Our Bible study is on hiatus for a couple of weeks… due to Palm Sunday and Easter. So this is a perfect time for you to think about joining us! The adventure continues with the story of Ruth. Ask for a copy of the story if you’d like to join in—Sunday afternoon from 2-3:30pm or Tuesday morning from 9-10:30. We reconvene on April 8thand 10th in Yeaton Hall.


  Lent Madness is down to the Elate Eight. The choices on some days are easier than others. I feel the strain they note on their website, “As we get deeper into the season, many of the Lent Madness faithful must decide between two saints they voted for in previous rounds. Oh, the agony! And yet in the end, despite all the amazing saintly souls, only one will emerge victorious.”

And now that we are in the round of “saintly kitsch” you can find saintly reminders on Etsy you didn’t even know you needed! Join the fun and learn more about these saintly folks by clicking HERE.


  Several of us plan to attend the Women’s Interfaith Seder at Temple Menorah on Tuesday of Holy Week. If you’d like to join with us, let me know!  We plan to carpool. Note that pre-registration is required.

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