This Week: February 24, 2018

How is your Lent going? I’m finding challenges in unlikely places.

Thursdays are my day to go to Rotary. It’s held at lunchtime so there is always food. But Rotary, in my experience, has always been a dessert-free zone. No Lenten temptation there! But today (probably because we have just passed Valentine’s Day) there was a plethora of sweets to choose from…

Inline image 2… candy, sweet and sour gummy worms, almond bark and more! Oh, no! They were right next to the iced tea and calling my name as I filled my glass. I had to tell myself it’s too early to give in on my Lenten food discipline of giving up sugar. So I managed to turn away from the sweets, at least for today. I do hope Rotary goes back to a no sweets policy at least until after the Easter Bunny arrives!

I have taken on a few small disciplines this Lent. They crop up throughout my day and I am finding that they are helping me to be mindful of the season. My mornings begin with sending out the Lenten meditation from St. Michael’s and then reading and voting at Lent Madness. When I’m in the car alone it’s quiet, because I’ve given up the radio for Lent. So my car time gives me at least a few minutes each day of mindfulness. And then, of course, there are the sweets. My after dinner sweet tooth has to be satisfied with fruit. And remarkably, it is.

My Lenten disciplines are small ones. But so far, it’s working for me because I find as I run into them throughout the day I remember why they are there and give thanks.

I hope you have found a meaningful way to help you observe the season.


Inline image 3This Sunday is our Annual Meeting (finally!). Please join us after the 10am service to talk about our work together as the church in this place—and then join us for lunch. We have some of the best chefs in town!


Inline image 4  We are one week in and already St. Paul is out—it’s a single elimination bracket, and Paul went down to Peter on day one! But there are many more saints to learn about and vote for—including our own St. Michael next Friday. I think you are obliged to take part and vote for our patron saint! Click HERE to cast your vote in today’s matchup!


 Inline image 5Confirmation is the sacramental rite in which the candidates express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.

Bishop Taylor will be joining us on Palm Sunday, March 25th. Anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in being Confirmed or Received in the Episcopal Church or would like to Reaffirm their Baptismal Vows please contact me by this Sunday, February 25th.


“And Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him.”

 Inline image 6

Our gospel this week begins the journey to Jerusalem—and on to the Cross. You can read the story and all of the lessons for this week by clicking HERE.


Inline image 7  Our Bible study this week continues with Moses, of the burning bush fame (oh, and the Exodus and the wilderness, too!) You are welcome to join us and you can even choose a time that suits you—Sunday afternoon from 2-3:30pm or Tuesday morning from 9-10:30. We meet in Yeaton Hall.


Inline image 8Our first support week of 2018 for Family Promise is coming up March 4-11. I hope you can be part of this ministry since it requires our hands-on support and help. You can sign up on line at March 2018 Hosting. Please contact Jeanie Powell if you have questions or can offer assistance:


Inline image 9 Once again we’ve got “Supper and a Movie” on three Tuesdays in Lent. This coming Tuesday, February27th, Julie Bergeron is our dinner host and our movie is Gifted— the story of a gifted and peculiar 7-year-old who becomes the subject of a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother. I think it fits well with our theme of living into what we are called to be. Come and join us for food, a movie and a time to talk. Supper starts at 6pm and we’ll be finished by 9pm.

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