This week: January 3, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yes, it is still Christmas, you know. Today is the 10th day of Christmas, so ten lords a leaping.

Inline image 2

(And if you know me well enough,
you can guess how much this picture tickles me!)

Tomorrow we get eleven pipers and then twelve drummers and then Christmas is over. So revel in these last few days of the season! On Saturday, January 6, we move into a new season of the church year—Epiphany.


We are back in Mark for the season of Epiphany (except for one Sunday when we will hear from the gospel of John), and we begin again at the beginning, with the baptism of Jesus.

Inline image 3 Jesus’ baptism is one of the traditional signs of the Epiphany—the recognition of who Jesus really is—as the voice from heaven declares, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”

Baptism with water and in the name of the Trinity is the entrance rite into the Christian life. We Episcopalians often baptize babies when any “acting out” may be a bit of crying, and so the delight of baptized is not necessarily evident. Click HERE for a moment of true delight…and listen for the voice of God saying to each one of us, “You are my child and beloved.”

All of the lessons for this First Sunday after the Epiphany can be found by clicking HERE.


Inline image 4  Time to own up to that New Year’s Resolution! Join us for Bible study THIS Sunday! YOU are invited to join us on this epic adventure—a journey through the Bible to grow closer to God. We’re just starting, so get in on the ground floor. You can even choose a time that suits you—Sunday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Our first meeting will be a joint meeting on Sunday, January 7th from 2-3:30pm in Yeaton Hall. Contact Mother Dina for more information.

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