This week: December 21st, 2017

I love flash mob performances… even though I’ve only seen them on my Facebook page or YouTube. It would be so much fun to be caught in the moment and watch one unfold in front of me. I think this “flash sextet” (at least the way I count them…look for the littlest member of the group!) would have brought me to my feet if I had been present in the café.

Inline image 2

Click to watch…

I suspect that part of the reason is the song they chose. “Go tell it on the mountain” is one of my favorite Christmas carols—actually a spiritual according to the hymnal. We will sing it during the family service on Christmas Eve and I hope our version is as rousing. And I hope as inspiring to our witness.

“Go, tell!” are the words of the angel to the women at the tomb. “Go, tell his disciples” that Jesus is risen. Go, tell!

This Christmas, I hope you will be inspired to go and tell. To tell family and friends, the people you know and love, that Jesus has come into the world and lives with us.


Inline image 3 We will have only one service on Sunday morning—8am. Come in the morning for Advent 4 and then at 4pm or 9pm for Christmas Eve!

If you’d like to read the lessons for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, you can find them by clicking HERE.


Inline image 4  A New Year’s Resolution—join us for Bible study. YOU are invited to join us on this epic adventure—a journey through the Bible to grow closer to God. We’re just starting, so get in on the ground floor. You can even choose a time that suits you—Sunday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Our first meeting will be a joint meeting on Sunday, January 7th  from 2-3:30pm in Yeaton Hall. Contact Mother Dina for more information.

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