This week: December 3rd, 2017

The season is turning. Sunday is the First Sunday in Advent and we will see changes in the colors, the liturgy, the music and the tenor of our lessons. We will also leave the gospel of Matthew and move into the gospel of Mark—the principle gospel for this coming church year. Each of the gospels has a traditional symbol— a man, an eagle, an ox and a lion. These symbols are often depicted in works of art. In the image below you can see the four evangelists (gospel writers) at their writing desks with the symbol of each shown in the open window. Do you know who is who?*

Inline image 2

There is also a hint from the particular gospel in the image. The image for Mark includes a naked man running away in the moonlight. Yep, that’s in the gospel of Mark. A prize for the first person to send that citation to me!

* The symbols appear in Ezekiel and Revelation
Matthew is the winged man symbolizing Jesus’ incarnation
Mark is the winged lion symbolizing Jesus’ resurrection
Luke is the winged ox symbolizing Jesus’ sacrifice
John is the eagle symbolizing Jesus’ ascension


Inline image 3Since we don’t have Minions, YOU could help us decorate our Christmas tree this Sunday, December 3rd after church. The tree will be in place but we could use some help hanging the ornaments. Bring your kids and we’ll make that tree dazzle!

Then, don’t forget…

 Inline image 4


Inline image 5 Thank YOU for your pledge of financial support to St. Michael’s for 2018. Your pledge is an expression of your faith and commitment to God and to this community of faith. You are surrounded and supported by other members as we continue our journey together toward being the people of God in our time and place.

By the way, if you have not offered a pledge for 2018, you still can! Pledge cards are in Yeaton Hall and at the entry of the church.


As we move into Advent, the lessons focus on prophecy and the second coming.

Inline image 11

Click HERE to listen to a wonderful high school quartet sing the Negro spiritual “My Lord, what a morning,” which takes its imagery from this Sunday’s gospel. Spirituals are traditionally sung without accompaniment and the harmonies fill out the sound. These guys are good!

Click HERE to read all the lessons for this Sunday.


Inline image 6Advent begins on Sunday, December 3rd. Be sure to pick up an Advent calendar at church this Sunday to help you mark the days and prepare for the coming of Jesus.


Inline image 7 We are midweek in our current Family Promise support week but it’s not too late to help. Contact Jeanie Powell at to find out how you can be part of the program!


Inline image 8After the simplicity of Advent our church will have an abundance of poinsettias to decorate for Christmas. You are invited to help pay for these lovely flowers and honor a loved one with a thanksgiving or memorial tribute. You can find a form for Christmas Poinsettias in the church entry and in the December issue of The Guardian. Your completed form is needed by Sunday, December 17th in order to include the names of your loved ones in the Christmas service leaflets.


As you sit, or stand, or walk or wait in prayer this week, your prayers are asked for those in our community and beyond who especially need our prayers…

We pray for healing for: Tom, Sebastian and Patsy; Josh, Shayne and Christina; Sylvia; Noemi; Laura, Terri, Amy and Paula; Belinda; Norm, Razza, Matt, Dave, Wendy, Mike and Maryjane.

We pray for the blessing of employment for: All who are unemployed or underemployed.

We pray for safe travel for: Matt; the Samia family; and people around the world seeking safer places to live.

We pray for others who need our prayers, especially: Joe and Cindy; Steve and Tanya; Juan, Casey, and Jenny; Barbara, Tiffani and family; The Samia family; Brittani; Melba and the Mowad family; People in our country and around the world suffering from natural and man-made disasters; The men and women serving in our armed forces, esp. those stationed overseas.

We pray for peace in the world, especially for: The people suffering in the Syrian civil war and other conflicts around the world.

We give thanks for: First responders to all emergency situations; the opportunities we have to serve, esp. through Family Promise and C.A.S.E.; St. Michael’s Children’s Center and we pray that it may be a place of sound learning and new discovery.

We pray for those who have died, especially: The victims of gun violence in our country.


Inline image 9 An Episcopal pioneer is honored at Yale—they have named a new residential college after the Rev. Pauli Murray. Read about Rev. Murray and other events around the diocese in this week’s issue of The Episcopal News Weekly.

Also in this week’s issue:

   *  Nominations open for ECW Board 2018 – 2021

   *  Women’s retreat to study Celtic spirituality

   *  GFS to sponsor talk on enabling, mentoring girls

   *  ‘People, get ready,’ by Bishop Suffragan Diane Jardine Bruce

   *  Events around the diocese

HERE is the link.

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