This Week: August 18, 2017

Dear Friends~

Once again, I have to say it’s been a tough week. And I know the church is called to speak to what we have witnessed.

Inline image 2

Virginia bishops Johnston and Gulick, with other clergy and laity
witnessing in Charlottesville last weekend.

So I am grateful for the words of the bishops of Virginia…

“There will be more rallies and more divisions. We must be prepared to meet those challenges, not with violent confrontation, but by exemplifying the power of love made known in concrete action.”

They go on to list concrete actions in the face of white supremacists and others whose message is counter to Christ’s embracing love and invite us to join with them in these actions. It is a moment for us to reflect and act on our commitment to follow Jesus.


What about that Canaanite woman? Is she audacious, or spunky, or is she just at her wit’s end? I like the honesty of this painting byJean Germain Drouais because it shows Jesus at the beginning of the story turning her away.

Inline image 3

Christ and the Canaanite Woman by Jean Germain Drouais (1763-1788)

This is not the Jesus we like to imagine. Why do you suppose Matthew included this story—warts and all—in his gospel? How do you hear Jesus’ words to her? And what does the resolution of the story say to you?

Come to church on Sunday and share your thoughts about the story. All the lessons for this Sunday are available HERE.


Inline image 4Our C.A.S.E. ingathering for August is this Sunday, August 20thRequested items to fill up the pantry include: juices—bottles and snack-size, cereals—the kinds kids like!, cookies and crackers, peanut butter and jellies. Your generosity is appreciated!

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