This Week: August 11, 2017

Today we honor and remember the life of Laurence, Deacon and Martyr. You may know that Laurence (or as they spell it, Lawrence) is the patron saint of the Roman Catholic Church in Redondo Beach. Laurence was martyred during the reign of Emperor Valerian in 257A.D.

Inline image 2  Icons of St. Laurence usually show him with a deacon’s stole across his chest* and a fiery gridiron, as he was roasted alive. Yes, martyrdom can be pretty gruesome. The tradition says that an official demanded that Laurence provide information about the Church’s treasures and in response he assembled the sick and poor and presented them saying, “These are the treasures of the Church.”  Here is the prayer for St. Laurence:

Almighty God,
you called your deacon Laurence to serve you with deeds of love,
and gave him the crown of martyrdom:
Grant that we, following his example, may fulfill your commandments
by defending and supporting the poor, and by loving you with all our hearts.

Holy Women, Holy Men, p. 519

*This distinguishes deacons from priests,
who wear the stole over the neck and hanging down on both sides.


Inline image 3  Memory Lane… sometimes the memories are your own and sometimes you get to listen to others’ memories. Barbara Slater came to visit today and brought some treasures from St. Michael’s yesteryears—photos, news clippings, bulletins and budgets all tell the story of a vibrant church. It would be fun to have a “History Committee” to take a look at our memorabilia so we could all celebrate our past as we work toward a future in service to God. Let me know if you’d like to help!


Inline image 4 Oh, this may happen in the depths of Advent, or even Epiphany. But you can keep it from happening during the summer days of Pentecost. Last chance to put your favorite hymn choices in the Music Box for the final Sundays of summer!


Peter tried it… and it didn’t work out too well for him. Walking on water doesn’t seem to be an easy skill to master.

Inline image 5

A sketch by Hodgell
at Grace Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI

What does this story have to tell us? Come to church on Sunday and share your thoughts about the story. All the lessons for this Sunday are available HERE.


Inline image 6 It’s time for Shakespeare by the Sea! St. Michael’s on the Move is meeting this Saturday, August 12th, at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach to see The Taming of the Shrew. We’re planning an evening picnic in the park starting at about 6pm. The show starts at 7. Come and join us!


As you sit, or stand, or walk or wait in prayer this week, your prayers are asked for those in our community and beyond who especially need our prayers…

Pray for healing for: Louise, Bea, Josh, Mickey, Sebastian, Patsy, Norm, Chris, Sylvia, Dave, Terri, Maryjane, and Melba.

Pray for safe travel for: Julie, Florine and Melissa, the Markarian family, and people around the world seeking safer places to live.

Pray for the blessing of employment for: All who are unemployed or underemployed.

Pray for others who need our prayers, especially: the Espinosa family; Debora, Kolby and Tabitha; Susan; the Powell family; Joe and Cindy; Steve and Tanya; Patti; and for the men and women serving in our armed forces, especially those stationed overseas.

Pray for peace in the world, especially for: The world relationship with North Korea; those suffering in the Syrian civil war and other conflicts around the world.

Pray in thanksgiving for: First responders, especially those fighting wildfires in the western U.S.; the opportunities we have to serve, especially through Family Promise and C.A.S.E.; St. Michael’s Children’s Center.

Pray for those who have died, especially: Betty Lou and victims of gun violence in our country.


Bishop Diane’s column in this week’s Episcopal News Weekly reminds us of the promise of following Jesus. Click HERE what she has to say, and the rest of the news.

Also in this week’s news:

  • Bishop coadjutor accepts jurisdiction in Newport Beach property matter
  • Episcopalians join immigration protest at Hall of Justice
  • 12-week program at Community of Divine Love will study ‘engaged compassion’
  • Abundant Table invites all to ‘Feast in the Field’
  • Events around the diocese


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