This week: July 27th, 2017

Where do you hear God? In church? On a long walk? At your favorite spot – mountains or shore or desert? Do you think you’d be able to hear God in a bustling Wal-Mart store while trying to satisfy a long line of impatient customers? I’m not sure I could. But here’s a story about a young man who did.

Inline image 2 Nicholas Tate, a twenty-year-old Wal-Mart employee, was working the cash register when a foster mom who had just signed up for WIC federal assistance and wasn’t sure how to use the card came through his line. The baby formula she needed wouldn’t ring up on the card—apparently it wasn’t an authorized brand—and the people behind her were visibly and vocally impatient. Here’s a quote from the on-line story.

But Tate remained calm and called a manager over for help, ready to try the transaction again.

“I already had my card out at that point. I felt like God was telling me to pay for it,” Tate explained. “The second it didn’t work I swiped my card.”

“What are you doing?” the woman asked, her eyes tearing up.

Tate paid for $60 worth of her groceries — and he says it was worth every penny.

Tate says he was just doing the right thing.

“When we feel like God is telling us to do something — how many times do we say no? In that moment, without a doubt, he was telling me to pay, telling me these people are in need, to help them,” Tate said.

I wonder if our hearts are open to the voice of God in the mundane as well as the magnificent, the stressful as well as the silent and serene. A prayer for the day—

O Lord, our Joy,
May we love you more and more,
Share in your caring for all,
And lead some to your feet.

from An Iona Prayer Book


The story of Leah and Rachel is one that shows the property status of women in biblical times. Laban owned Leah and Rachel, and Jacob bought them with his labor. While there is a love element in the story, it still reminds me not to get dewy-eyed over biblical marriage. This isn’t a situation I’d want for myself or my daughters!

Inline image 3

All the lessons for this Sunday are available HERE.


Inline image 4This Sunday, July 30th, is our 5th Sunday child-friendly service. The liturgy is simpler and the sermon is geared to younger members and I get lots of help from them! I hope you’ll be with us and bring a family of friends with you!



Inline image 5St. Michael’s on the Move is movin’ on out to Manhattan Beach. Once again we are planning to see Shakespeare by the Sea. The comedy this season is The Taming of the Shrew (while the tragedy is The Scottish Play, if you know what I mean!). We’re planning an evening picnic at the park and the show on Saturday, August 12th. Signups and more information are in Yeaton Hall. I hope you’ll join us!


Inline image 6

The sign-up sheet is in Yeaton Hall and reservations are due by August 6th. Go, Dodgers!


Inline image 7   Copies of Forward Day by Day for the last quarter of 2017 have arrived.Pick yours up from the reading table in Yeaton Hall.


As you sit, or stand, or walk or wait in prayer this week, your prayers are asked for those in our community and beyond who especially need our prayers…

Pray for healing for: Louise, Bea, Josh, Mickey, Sebastian, Patsy, Norm, Chris, Sylvia, Dave, Terri, Maryjane, Betty Lou and Melba.

Pray for safe travel for: People around the world seeking safer places to live.

Pray for the blessing of employment for: All who are unemployed or underemployed.

Pray for others who need our prayers, especially: the Ince family; Debora, Kolby and Tabitha;Susan; the Powell family; Joe and Cindy; Steve and Tanya; Patti; and for the men and women serving in our armed forces, especially those stationed overseas.

Pray for peace in the world, especially for: Those suffering in the Syrian civil war and other conflicts around the world.

Pray in thanksgiving for: First responders, especially those fighting wildfires in the western U.S.;  the opportunities we have to serve, especially through Family Promise and C.A.S.E.; St. Michael’s Children’s Center.

Pray for those who have died, especially: Victims of gun violence in our country.


Bishop John and the mayor—movers and shakers!

Inline image 8

They came together at a meeting of interfaith leaders concerned about homelessness in Los Angeles. A good beginning for our new bishop! You can read more about it in The Episcopal News Weekly for this Sunday.

Also in this issue:

  • Gift cards deanery-bound in ongoing ‘Feeding Hungry Hearts’ offering
  • Leadership in a ‘new community’ churchwide
  • Hearing Panel releases draft order on Title IV proceedings; diocese withholds comment in compliance with process
  • ‘New community, new visions,’ by Bishop Suffragan Diane Jardine Bruce
  • Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium is Friday, Sept. 8
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