This Week: July 7, 2017

Dear Friends~


I spent some time this morning talking with a parishioner about daily prayer. I suggested that finding a type of prayer that allows you to become open to the presence of God is what’s most important. There are all kinds of options—here are a few:

·         Daily Devotions, Book of Common Prayer, p. 136 (available online HERE).

·         Meditations in Forward Day by Day (copies available in Yeaton Hall).

·         Prayer beads – we have them as the Anglican rosary – ask me about them.

·         Walking prayer – just as simple as that… take a walk and pray.

·         Singing your prayers – just like walking prayer, but singing! Perhaps a favorite hymn.

·         Praying the Psalms – you can pray through the psalms in a month using the daily notations in the Book of Common Prayer (available online HERE).

·         Ignatian Prayer – read a story from the gospels and then place yourself in the story and imagine it as vividly as you can… what are the sights and smells, who else is there, what’s the weather like, how do you feel, and how do you respond to God in this moment.

·         Journaling prayer – make time to write down your prayer thoughts and note answers to prayer.

·         Gratitudes – take time each day to give thanks to God… consider keeping a gratitude journal.

·         The prayer pause

Inline image 5

However you start, or walk though, or end your day, I hope you take a moment for prayer. I think you’ll like it!


Inline image 4  The Music Box in Yeaton Hall is open for your favorite hymns. Let us know what you’d like to sing and we’ll do our best to schedule it for one Sunday this summer. Then come to church and sing your favorites!


Several of us will be attending the consecration of Bishop-elect John Taylor this Saturday.

Inline image 3

If you are unable to attend, our new bishop and the diocese ask your prayers.

To you, O Father, all hearts are open;
fill, we pray, the heart of your servant John
whom you have chosen to be a bishop in your Church,
with such love of you and of all the people,
that he may feed and tend the flock of Christ,
and exercise without reproach the high priesthood
to which you have called him,
serving before you day and night in the ministry of reconciliation,
declaring pardon in your Name,
offering the holy gifts,
and wisely overseeing the life and work of the Church.


Inline image 1Our July Taizé is this Tuesday, July 11th at 7:30pm and the theme is “The Names of God.” Our Taize-style service offers a time of quiet and contemplation, music and prayer in the candlelit beauty of our church. It’s a peaceful time to spend in the presence of God. I hope you can join us.


Inline image 2

The sign-up sheet is in Yeaton Hall and reservations are due by August 6th. Go, Dodgers!


Our Old Testament stories from Genesis continue this week…

Inline image 1  with the story of Abraham’s servant seeking a suitable bride for Isaac. This story is one of several momentous meetings recorded in the Bible between men and women at wells. I remember seeing a sign on the Sparkletts bottle in the student center at Virginia Theological Seminary that said, “Women, beware of meeting strange men at the well!” A seminary joke, for sure… but also a sly reminder of the presence of God in seemingly insignificant events. Where do you find God in your life this week?

The lessons for this Sunday are available HERE.

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