This Week: June 30, 2017

Dear Friends~


Today is the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul*.  Can you tell them apart?

Inline image 2

Carlo Crivelli. 15th century.
The National Gallery, London.

There are key elements (oh, pardon the pun!) that often distinguish them. Peter usually carries the keys to the kingdom and Paul often (but not always) carries a sword (indicating he was beheaded and not crucified). The hair styles also give them away. Paul is usually depicted as balding with a long beard. Peter is usually gray-haired with a full, short beard. This painting is interesting because Paul is on the left—generally it is Peter and Paul, left and right. I have no idea why.

Celebrating these saints reminds me of the second verse of one of my favorite hymns.

If you cannot preach like Peter,
if you cannot pray like Paul,
you can tell the love of Jesus,
and say, “He died for all.”

In the Acts of the Apostles, Peter preaches a couple of sermons that compel thousands to be baptized and Paul’s prayers open prison doors. Standards we are not likely to meet. But we can tell the love of Jesus—yes, we can!

You can listen to this spiritual HERE as sung by Paul Robeson, one of the most powerful voices of the 20th century.


* Each of them has a separate day as well—
Peter on January 18 and Paul on January 25,
but they are commemorated together today in observance
of the tradition of the Church that they both died as martyrs in Rome
during the persecution under Nero in 64AD.
–From Holy Women, Holy Men p. 446.


Inline image 3  The Music Box is back! If you’ll let us know what your favorite hymn is, we’ll schedule it one Sunday this summer. Put your choices in the Music Boxes on the counter in Yeaton Hall.


According to the Diocesan News, there are still some tickets available for the consecration of our new bishop.  Tickets are needed for admission and may be reserved by emailing requests to

Inline image 4

Let me know if you’d like to join our carpool.


Inline image 5  We celebrated the wedding of Gene Prestianni and Brenda Arnold on Saturday, June 24th. Such a lovely couple! Be sure to sign the card this Sunday to send them your good wishes!


Inline image 6 

The sign-up sheet is in Yeaton Hall and reservations are due by August 6th. Go, Dodgers!



Inline image 7We said “Via con Dios” to our “kiwis-for-a-year” Elizabeth and Oliver at a festive coffee hour last Sunday. They will be taking off for New Zealand in mid-July, so you still have an opportunity to pray with them for  safe travel and to wish them well. Come on Sunday!

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