This Week: May 4, 2017


I’ve been reading a lot about the Ascension in the last few days. I cavalierly decided to make the Ascension the theme of our May Taizé service—since Ascension Day is coming on May 25th. And then, of course, I was tasked with trying to figure out how we might combine Ascension and Taizé. After all, Ascension is not Christmas or Easter or even Pentecost. What is the Ascension about anyway and how is it still meaningful?


It turns out that N.T. Wright has written about the Ascension (along with many, many other things—he’s pretty prolific!) and gave me quite a bit to work with, for example:


Heaven is the extra dimension, the God-dimension, of all our present reality; and the God who lives there is present to us, present with us, sharing our joys and our sorrows, longing as we are longing for the day when his whole creation, heaven and earth together, will perfectly reflect his love, his wisdom, his justice, and his peace.

So, in the Ascension we celebrate Jesus’ return to the “God-dimension” that allows Jesus to be present with us in all times and in all places, not limited to his singular human presence with us in Galilee 2000 years ago.

And so I invite you to join us for our Taizé-style service this coming Tuesday, May 9th at 7:30pm to ponder the wonder and mystery of Jesus’ glorious Ascension in the beauty of our candlelit church.



The theme is “Feeding Hungry Hearts” and it’s the beginning of a new episcopacy in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

If you plan to attend the consecration of our new bishop—1:30pm on Saturday, July 8th—you need to sign up in Yeaton Hall – or drop me an email with your name, phone and email.


We have 20 tickets available to us and I have to turn in a name, phone and email for each attendee by May 15th. So if you want to join us… don’t delay!


It’s Good Shepherd Sunday. In this part of John 10 Jesus describes the shepherd as the one who calls his sheep by name and they know his voice.

 image 2


This picture of some very alert-looking sheep makes me wonder. How attentive am I to hear Jesus’ voice? And do I hear him calling me by name? How about you?


This Sunday, Fr. Bob Cornner will explore the lessons with us as our preacher and celebrant. I’m sure it will be thoughtful and thought-provoking. I hope you’ll be in church to hear him. You can get a head start on the lessons for this Sunday by clicking HERE.


St. Michael’s on the Move is planning a theater outing. Kentwood Players regularly stages excellent shows. The current show is Good People


The play centers on life in a South Boston working-class neighborhood on hard times,
which is no joke for Margaret Walsh, a single mother fired from her job,
facing eviction and with nowhere to turn.

We’re planning to attend the Sunday matinee on Sunday, May 21st. We’ll celebrate at the Silver Tea to benefit St. Michael’s Children’s Center and then go on to the matinee. C’mon! Join us! Sign up in Yeaton Hall.


  St. Michael’s Readers will be talking about Chasing Francis on Sunday, May 28th . There is still time to read it and join the conversation. I hope you will!



We had a good crowd at the Interfaith Café on Sunday.

image 3.png

   If you have really good eyes you might be able to spot the attendees from St. Michael’s. Randy and Melissa Albers were there with me and many of our neighbors. I sat at a table with a member of El Segundo Methodist Church, a father and son from the LDS church, and three Muslims – two men and a young woman. It made for a fascinating conversation. I encourage you to join us for the next one

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