This Week: April 27, 2017

Are you going? Me, too!

image 3

The consecration of a new bishop doesn’t happen very often, and when it does it’s a glorious liturgical event. The people of the diocese and the larger church gather and the power of the Holy Spirit is called to fill this new bishop with apostolic fervor. You can expect pageantry, music, prayer and praise. And did I mention preaching? Presiding Bishop Curry will be the presider (although not guaranteed to be the preacher he will surely have some inspiring and spirit-filled words to say!).

We have 20 tickets for the July 8th consecration available to us on a first come, first served basis. Sign up in Yeaton Hall before May 15th!



 Our 5th Sunday service is this Sunday, April 30th. Join us at the 10am service and bring a family of friends with you!


This week it’s the Road to Emmaus.

 image 5

“The Road to Emmaus” by He Xi


This is the last resurrection appearance story we will have this Easter season. So who do you think these disciples were? Do you think they could have been husband and wife? That’s a persistent tradition in the church, although not so much in the artistic tradition—often they are both represented with beards! Read the story and the other readings for this Sunday HERE. I’d be interested in your take on the story.


  image 2I hope you have the Interfaith Café experience on your calendar—this Sunday, April 30th, from 4-6pm at the Church of the Latter-day Saints on Mariposa. The theme is “Holy Days” and we hope to have a good turnout of folks to share about their own experiences and listen to one another. Join us!


imageOur May Taizé is on Tuesday, May 9th. Put it on your calendar now!


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